Meaningful jewellery that merges timeless beliefs of the PAST with aspirations for the FUTURE right in the PRESENT.

Our products are not only beautiful, but each symbol and healing gemstone holds a special meaning. Choose what best expresses your goals to help you achieve them.



Stay POSITIVE, embrace challenges as opportunities, and let gratitude guide your mindset. Positivity breeds resilience and attracts brighter possibilities.

Allow our gemstones and spiritual symbols to assist you.

embrace the NEW.

Embrace the NEW opportunities and experiences that come your way to bring growth and enrich your journey.

find your BIRTHSTONE.

Discover the significance of your BIRTHSTONE and healing gemstones to bring positive energy into your life.

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Wondering what would be the perfect gift for your loved ones? Don't worry! Choose the Mystique Karma Gift Card and let them pick out the trendiest and most stylish jewellery from our online collection.


choose your SYMBOL.

Discover a meaningful SYMBOL for your necklace, bracelet, or earrings, and allow it to guide you towards one of the following goals.

  • I couldn't be happier with my purchase from Mystique Karma. The `new beginning` bracelet I received was not only of exceptional quality but also a true love-at-first-sight item. It's a piece of jewellery that not only looks beautiful but also feels substantial and well-made. Every time I wear it, I'm reminded of that initial spark, and it continues to bring joy to my heart. Thank you, Mystique Karma, for delivering both outstanding quality and that magical 'love at first sight' feeling.


  • Purchasing this meaningful moonstone bracelet from Mystique Karma was one of the best decisions I've made when it comes to gift-giving. It's not just a piece of jewellery; it's a heartfelt gesture that speaks volumes. The look of awe and appreciation on my loved one's face when they received it was priceless. The bracelet's design and the intention behind it made it the perfect gift, and it instantly became a cherished possession for them. Thanks to Mystique Karma for helping me find the best way to express my feelings and create lasting memories with this exceptional gift.


  • I can't praise Mystique Karma enough for their amazing customer service and prompt delivery. Not only did they provide excellent assistance throughout my shopping experience, but they also went above and beyond by delivering my product earlier than expected. This level of service truly exceeded my expectations. The product itself is fantastic, but the outstanding customer care and speedy delivery make shopping with Mystique Karma an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great shopping experience and top-notch products."




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